Buying & Selling

Get Educated

Whether you are thinking of buying a new home or selling your current one, education on the current market, process, and your options is the way to start! We love sharing what we do and how these processes work.

Choose your team!

Meet with and interview your team-members: Real Estate Brokers, Lenders (Buyers), Contractors (Sellers). If you don't know where to look for these other key members, don't worry! We can share our experiences and resources with you.

Get all the Data

Once we join your team, we get you connected to ALL the data on the current market so you don't miss out on anything. Its our job to inform and advise you so that YOU can make the best decision about your investment.

We Negotiate

"Negotiation: The art of discovery"- Chris Voss

Every interaction we have with another real estate broker gives us an opportunity to gain information for you. Once you have made your decisions, we negotiate on your behalf to get the most value for you.

You Decide

As you purchase or buy your home we keep you informed every step of the way. You say, "jump", we say, "When and how high?". Our role as Real Estate Advisors is just that: to advise. We are here for you.


In both buying and selling the closing process is where we become your transaction managers. We work with all the team members: lenders, escrow agents, title companies, contractors... to ensure at the end of the closing period, you get to go home.

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