Buy & Sell

Helping you expertly navigate the housing market so you can knowledgeably buy or sell your home.



As in every relationship, communication is vital. We keep you up-to-date on the home-buying or selling process, next steps, and status every step of the way.



In order to get you the most value in each transaction, we strongly represent you, utilizing every conversation and contractural leverage to gain information so you can make the best decisions.

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Transaction Management

It takes a team to buy or sell a house! We are your transaction management duo. From organizing contractors, to keeping tabs on loan processes, we help to make sure deadlines are met and you are in your next home on time.

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Sanger & Sanger provide relationship-oriented experiences with strong business negotiation and organized structures. We work hard to give our clients the most up-to-date and pertinent data to best support you as you seek to steward one of your most important investments: your home.

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Ansel Sanger

Direct: 206.390.2137

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Josie Sanger

Direct: 206.679.1213

Interested in getting your local neighborhood data and trends?